This Is Only The Beginning…

I am writing today to tell you that whoever came up with the asinine name “morning sickness” is an evil, demented individual.

More like morning, noon, night, and twice on Sundays sickness!

I am about 12 weeks along at this point and I hate to say it…I am beginning to think things to myself such as these gems, “whose idea was this anyway?”‘ “How and why do people do this twice.” And “I hate this.”

I am currently NOT one of those moms who is all ooey gooey gushy about how wonderful pregnancy is.

YES, this pregnancy was wanted, planned, prayed for and begged for. YES, I though up to this point that it would be impossible and so I am grateful and ecstatic. But currently….I am looking at my past self saying “I can’t wait to be pregnant” and my current self is saying “BITE YOUR TONGUE WOMAN!”

Now, I am sure this will pass (I hope this will pass!!) but right now I am feeling akin to Kate Middleton.

You name it, I have it…
So tired I can’t get out of bed? Check.
So tired I need to take a nap after getting up to go to the bathroom? Check.
So nauseated I can’t eat? Check.
So thirsty I could drink a river dry? Check.
Back aches? Got ’em.
Headaches? Yep.
Leg aches? Double yes.
Everywhere else aches? Sure.
Setting the world record for most times waking up in the middle of the night to pee? No doubt. (Last night…it was 7. SEVEN!)
And the vomiting……the never ending, constant, all day, every day vomiting….ugh.

Yes ladies, I concede this is no picnic. To all of you mamas to be out there who are living the pregnancy dream…well, I’ve got one this to say to you…but instead I will say “lucky you”, lol.

To all the mamas like me who are like me…riding through the trenches with first trimester sinister uterus syndrome…I salute you.

My new personal mantra…”It will get better”. Hang in there! Baby is worth every minute.

❤ ~Neo-Mama~ ❤

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