Am I A Bird?

So, it October…my absolute favorite time of the year. Pumpkin everything. Beautiful colors. Falling leaves. The smells. The crisp air. Sweaters. It’s perfect.
I am two weeks from my due date and let’s just say I am a bird.
No, I have not gained astronomical amounts of weight which has rendered me useless and gigantic. I can actually still see my toes if I bend forward a bit. Yay, I still have toes!
No, I am not uncomfortable and ready to evict the little monster…he or she is quite cozy and honestly so am I, but we are excited to meet him or her!
I am a bird though, Bc I am NESTING like WHOOOOOAAAA.
I have essentially rearranged, organized, cleaned and put away things that I didn’t know could even be subject to those verbs.
I have so much energy I don’t know what to do with it.
I actually cooked and froze 20 freezer meals for post birth, plus 4 dozen lactation cookies and 20 lactation smoothies.
I am mommy to be…hear me roar.

Now all that’s left to do is wait for labor and enjoy our time as “just us”.

❤ ~NeoMama~ ❤

Wedding Bells!

I know, I know…it’s been like, a month since I’ve written anything, but this whole prepping the nursery thing is for the birds. It’s super cute and fun until you actually have to start wielding tools and reading instructions for 5-thousand pound cribs that are written only in French.

I am now 7.5 months pregnant and it’s going pretty well, minor aches and pains but no major complaints. I’m actually surprised at how uneventful things have been! The babe is kicking up a storm…like, I’m pretty convinced there is some familial link to David Backham.

We had our second baby-shower with my mom, in Philadelphia area. It was nice getting a chance to see all of the family that I haven’t seen in ages. Not so nice was the ride there and back…UGH. My body and this baby HATE the car. There may be a good old fashioned stand off the next time I have to enter a vehicle. Every bump felt like my pelvis was going to split in half and the baby was just gonna shoot out, slip and slide style. No joke. Thankfully this was my official last trip more than an hour from home until the baby comes….I am OFFICIALLY 36 weeks and grounded to an hour long car ride radius. Baby is coming sooooon! EEK.

Oh and by the way…Ace and I tied the knot! YES! For those of you who knew, we were planning on getting married this October, but being 8 months preggo put a bit of a kink in the armor, lol. Sooo
We decided to still have the church wedding, but in a private ceremony, and have the big “to-do” later in the spring.

We got married on September 10th in a small church wedding at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and it was LOVELY. We had a full mass with communion, our sister and her girlfriend, and well as our WONDERFUL birth doula, were there as witnesses. We had beautiful music and wrote our own vows. I could not have asked for a more gorgeous day either…sunny, a crisp 65 degrees, changing leaves…a perfect New England autumn day.

After the ceremony we drove to Salem, had a very romantic dinner on the bay…outside on a deck…and a little harbor mouse even scuttled by our feet to wish us blessings! LOL.
We had a lavish hotel suite, a WONDERFUL nights sleep, and a fulfilled day traversing about the streets, shops and beaches surrounding Salem. We went to some museums, had delicious food. It was PERFECT. A perfect honeymoon/babymoon.

It feels amazing to be married to my best friend.

Now…just waiting on our special little guy or girl the make his or her appearance!

❤ Mrs. ~Neo-Mama~!!!

Who’s Idea Was This Anyway?

So, we finally got moved into our new home. We absolutely love it here, but let me tell you what we didn’t love….MOVING IN.

First of all, moving while pregnant should be outlawed in all 50 states. Especially when you are over 6 months pregnant. Honestly. This really should never happen, although it frequently does.

1. It is impossible for said pregnant woman to feel even the least bit helpful. I mean, we can barely lift anything, because even if it is light enough to carry, the belly makes it awkward to hold comfortably and properly.

2. The poor people doing most of the lifting and moving are EXHAUSTED.

3. All I can think about is getting immediately unpacked and finishing the nursery and cleaning ALL THE THINGS because I’m nesting.

4. Bending over…hahahahaha

5. Stairs are evil.

6. But…I need to CLEAN THAT!

7. Ace needs a backrub from lifting 200-million-thousand pounds of our crap, and I need an EVERYTHING rub from being preggo. commence the attempts at rubbing each others back that ends 5 minutes later with both of us falling asleep and drooling on each other.


Yeah. Fun times.


With that being said, though, we do ABSOLUTELY ADORE our new home, and we are going to be busting our little hind ends to get this place put together in the next month so that we can actually enjoy some down time before the little peanut arrives.

Until next time!

❤ ~Neo-Mama~ ❤

Home is Wherever I’m With You <3

It’s official! Not only have we found a new home (only a few blocks away from our current residence as a matter of fact!) but it is PERFECT, beautiful and exactly what we need. We have been so busy packing and getting the new place ready but tomorrow is the BIG day! Moving Day!

We can’t wait to be in our new home and start our new life there. Everything is falling into place and we could not be happier.

Thank you for all the warm thoughts and wishes sent our way in our search for our new home.

❤ ~Neo-Mama~ ❤

I Like to Move It Move it….But Not Really :-/

So, remember how I literally JUST moved up here? Well, since the Little Babe is on it’s way, we have need for a larger space. This whole one bedroom, boho couple situation is not gonna work. So, alas, here we are, on the hunt for a new abode.

We have been searching for some time now, and have found absolutely NOTHING acceptable.

Nice house; bad (and I mean BAD) neighborhood.

Nice neighborhood,\; house falling apart.

Old lady, smells like the moth balls are embedded in the carpet, and pretty sure there are bodies in the basement house.

Two bedroom apartment that is smaller than our one bedroom apartment.

Perfect house that costs a year’s wages.

You name it…..we seen it.

The best? A house where the owner was “moving to Africa for mission work and wanted to rent it out to a God fearing person, and don’t you worry at all about that ‘For Sale’ sign in the yard…it means nothing, and don’t contact the realtor because we fired them, and oh yeah…you can’t see the house except to drive by….ready to sign????”

Yeah. This is what we are dealing with.

The pure joys of trying to find a new place where you wanna put down roots. Sigh. Wish us luck!


❤ ~Neo-Mama~ ❤


Sunday, Bloody Sunday…

I am currently recovering from the most scary, traumatic experience of my life. THANK GOD and ALL THAT IS HOLY that everything turned out okay, but OMG.

There is nothing quite as scary as the thought of miscarriage when you are pregnant. I know many people who have gone through this, including my own mother. I had waited forever to get pregnant. I can’t imagine the tragedy of how that feels…but I can come close to knowing the desperate feeling immediately before it happens and that is as close as I ever want to get.

This weekend started off as any other weekend. We were hanging out, being cute and lovey and basking in our pregnancy glow. We were preparing for a trip to the Poconos to visit our dear friends Lily and Kyle. We were thrilled that we had a wonderful appointment at the baby doc two days before and we had cleared the fist trimester hurdle and were safely in he 14th week of pregnancy.

Naturally, we decided to “celebrate” [you know what i mean 😉 ]. We had been a little afraid to engage in “normal activities” in that arena, but now that we were safely beyond the fist trimester scary touch and go period, we were ready to resume…with fervor! After about 2 hours of the most amazing intimate time ever, I got up to go to the bathroom and when I looked down at my hand and the bed, it was covered in blood. OMG.


I screamed and cried and started shaking and couldn’t even think straight enough to call the doctor, which Ace had to do, and he wasn’t much better. I went to the bathroom and I was still bleeding, fairly heavy. We called the doctor and all they told us to do was put a pad on, lay down and monitor the bleeding. If I soaked a pad in an hour or two, to come in to the ER.

WHAT? THAT’S IT?! i could be losing my precious little baby and you are telling me to lay DOWN!!?? ARE YOU KIDDING!?

So, we do that. I am bawling, Ace is bawling. and for the next 2 hours, we watch and wait. the bleeding stays steady, but doesn’t get worse and only slight cramping. We call back and tell them what is going on and they tell us to wait 24 hours and report back unless the bleeding or cramping gets worse.


So, we wait. I’m bawling, he is bawling. We wait and wait. We don’t sleep at all. It reaches 24 hours…still bleeding, still crampy. We call the doctor and go in to the office.

The doc, not our doc of course, finds the baby’s heartbeat (thank God) and says “a little lower than normal for our baby, but nothing out of range for a baby in general, so it’s fine” Oh and by the way, this: “You might have an incompentent cervix. We will have to wait until 16 weeks to find out and you might lose the bay….have a nice day, you are fine for now…no worries”.


Next day, still bleeding slightly, still crampy. We go BACk in to the doctor and they order an ultrasound. THANK GOD…everything was perfectly fine with Little Babe. Uterus looked fine, no tears, cervix was long and sealed. Turns out it was nothing more than a sensitive cervix.


All that blood from a sensitive cervix. Unreal.

I took it easy for a week and was fine after that, at least physically (emotionally took a little while), and even got rid of my terrible first trimester symptoms, so in the end, everything was okay.

Unfortunately, some women are not as lucky, and my heart and my love truly goes out to those women and families. I have never been so scared and sad and sick and terrified and nervous and a hot-freaking-mess as I was just THINKING about the possibility of losing my little one. I cannot possibly imagine what it was like, and you are truly the bravest, most courageous souls imaginable.

If you are pregnant, possible symptoms of miscarriage are:

bleeding (especially that is heavy enough to soak a pad or that goes from light to heavy), cramping (severe, or abdominal pain), low back pain, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness. If you have any of these symptoms, please contact your provider immediately. If they won’t see you, insist. You SHOULD NOT have to wait to find out what is going on with your own body.

The good news and hope that comes from this is that not all bleeding, even heavy bleeding, during pregnancy leads to miscarriage. Apparently this kind of period-like bleeding is sometimes very common for women, especially after sex, so ladies, if this happens to you…try (as impossible as I KNOW it is) not to jump to the worst possible conclusion. You’re little babe MAY be just fine in the end. Hold on hope.

Much love to you.


❤ ~Neo-Mama~ ❤


Tell the Story…

This is it…the moment you have all been waiting for (or maybe I’m just being narcissistic in my assumption of your intrigue with my life and story…hmmm). In any case…this weekend, we told our parents about their first grandchild. Let the awesomeness and hilarity ensue.

We traveled to Pittsburgh this weekend for Easter to visit with Ace’s parents and fill them and his sister and brother-in-law in on the news that a new little life was budding in the family. We also decided to travel to my parents in Philly to tell them, my grandma, sister and her girlfriend about our newest upcoming addition. LB (Little Babe) will be the first niece/nephew for our siblings and the first grandchild for both sets of parents, so it was a pretty big announcement…especially since we are both “tragically thirty” and both sets of parents had pretty much completely given up on our reproductive capabilities and desires. Go figure.

Now, we are both fairly close with our respective families, so keeping this bombshell a secret from them for three months was HORRENDOUSLY difficult. The worse part of all of it was that after we first found out, we went home to attend his sister’s wedding and had to keep it quiet the whole time, despite my incessant puking and sleeping schedule. 

So we finally arrive at his parents after 10 hours of driving, and we decide we are all going to meet at Red Robin (awesome gluten free burgers!) for dinner. Okay…so this is going to be a public reveal.

We had planned ahead of time, since it was Easter, to do one of those cheesy overly planned reveals, but we wanted to make it a little difficult to guess. We didn’t want it to be like, here open a box with a baby thing in it that will give it away immediately, so we went the Peep route. Yes, that’s right. Easter Peeps. You know, those horrible, colorful, semi-marshmallow things dipped in the world’s most bitter tasting sugar? Yeah…

So we bought huge plastic Easter eggs, placed a pink or blue Peep in each egg with Easter grass,and wrote our due date on the bottom of the Peep with a Sharpie. Classy. We planned on giving each person an egg and telling them to open them at the same time.

We were nervous as all heck.

We sat down at the table and kept shooting each other these ridiculous glances as if to say “should we do it now? You do it! No, you do it!” We are children.

Finally we work up the courage to say something and we hand each person an egg. We explain the rules and we say go.


Ace’s mom, dad and sister look at the Peeps with confused faces for what seems like eternity. Mom makes a comment about how cute it is. Dad laughs. Sister is the ONLY one that looks at the bottom of the Peep and discovers the date. After about 2 minutes, mom says “Is it your wedding date? Did you change it? Did you move it up?” We shake our heads no. 5 minutes later, everyone is still confused and then it happens. Sister literally jumps out of her chair, points at us and screams “OMG! You’re pregnant!!!!!” (Now, remember, we are in the middle of Red Robin at this point). We look at each other, his parents and back at her and smile and shake our heads “yes”, and she throws the plastic egg projectile right at the waitress walking by. Mom starts bawling uncontrollably, Dad’s face gets all red and teary, no one can talk. It was a pretty epic reaction.

Needless to say, they were thrilled.


Fast forward to our trip to visit my parents. We arrive and my mom and step-dad are out in the garden weeding or something. They wave briefly to us and we enter the house. We go out back and try to get them to come in. Being determined as they were, it took several interruptions from us and about an hour and a half for them to FINALLY come inside. (Torture!)

They finally came in and were sitting on their patio in the back and asked us to come out and sit with them, so we obliged. We were waiting for my sister and her GF to arrive (which was suppose to be about the time that it was) and then we get a phone call telling us that they were running an hour late. Plans foiled again! Oh well, we decided to just tell them separately. We hand them their eggs.


They both open the eggs. Step-dad looks it over and remarks that it’s cute. Mom looks at it like “is this it?” and shoots us a look. Step-dad finds the date and shows mom. Mom doesn’t get it. Mom states that she doesn’t get it. We giggle. She asks if it’s our wedding date. We say no. She says she doesn’t get it. Step-dad starts laughing hysterically. He tells mom to look at the color of the Peeps. We realize he has it figured out and we smile at him. Mom starts getting frustrated and says she doesn’t get it. Step-dad says “they’re having a baby”. Mom turns to us and says “seriously?” in her most sarcastic tone. We smile and shake our heads “yes”. Mom whips around and says “SHUT UP! SERIOUSLY!” and then come the tears and the “oh, my baby!” hugs. They were also thrilled.

Enter my sister and her woman, FINALLY. Second verse, same as the first.


Sister tries to eat the Peep. I have to yell at her to not eat the Peep without looking at it. they both look at it. Sister is completely confused. GF gets it almost immediately and freaks out, shaking her hands and jumping around telling sister to look at the two Peeps and the date. It dawns on my sister, and she gives me this look that says “fo rillz?” Yes. Fo Rills. She scares the crap out of me because she starts uncontrollably crying (something that would, under normal circumstances, never happen). This weird combo of crying, o=laughing and oooing and aaahing happens for about 30 minutes. Then we bust out the video of the LB and the heartbeat and everything and then it’s waterworks city. They were also thrilled. Perfect 🙂

Fast forward to My dad and step-mom. We go to breakfast. My dad is a guitarist, so we bought a personalized brass pick for him that said “Grandpa Rocks”. We thought this was pretty self explanatory. Nope. We finish eating and give him the pick. he opens it and says “oh wow, that’s cool…….but I can’t read it, it’s too small, I need my glasses”. Oh dad. How NOT rock and roll of you. My step-mom offers to read it but she can’t either so I read it to him. He shoots me a look and says “oh haha, I get it, because I’m old. Sure make jokes about your old man”. Step-mom just laughs and says “MAYBE they got it for you for a reason!?” Dad, semi-irritated asks “well did you?” I say…YES. Then we get this string of syllables: “Oh……………………….Oh….OH! Really? Oh my gosh!” shortly followed by a very manly walk to the bathroom (to wipe tears). he comes back and tells us how excited he is and how happy he is, then something weird happens. He hi five-hugs Ace and says “good job!” #thingsyourdadshouldneversayordoinfrontofyou.

They were thrilled.

Now…rewind to grandma.

Prepare yourself.

We decide to tell grandma, we would show her the video/let her listen to the heartbeart. We put the soundbyte up to her ear and told her to guess what it was. Any guesses at what she said?

“Who’s washing machine is that?”

“Are those windshield wipers?”

(perfect grandma reaction)

No gram, it’s something else. Listen again. Still not getting it, my mom suggests we let her see the video. So we do. She says :

“What am I looking at?” My mom explains it’s someones stomach.

“Is that gas?”

Yes gram, it’s gas.

We all laugh and say no, listen again. She does. She says: “Is that a heartbeat? Is it a baby?”

We all shout, YES. She says : “Well who’s stomach is it?” *facepalm*

“is it yours” she says to me…YES GRAM.

Andddddd Reaction:

“Oh. OH!” “Well that’s a surprise.” “When?”

I say “November 1”

She says “oh.” Then, gives herself whiplash as she whips her head around to glare at us and says “That was fast!” “When is the wedding?” Oh gram.

We tell her we aren’t sure yet but sometime this year.

She is semi-satiated.

3 hours later, after her complete silence….”I’m gonna be a great-grandma!” and a big smile.

Theeeeerrrreee is it. Way to process Gram. Now I know where my sister gets it.


All in all it was a fabulous, funny, and fantastic weekend filled with wonderful, heartfelt, moving and hilarious moments that we will never forget.


Little Babe…you are highly anticipated, deeply wanted and completely loved ❤

It’s awesome to know that you have a huge, loving, support system…even now, when you are only the size of a blueberry.


❤ ~Neo-Mama~ ❤



This Is Only The Beginning…

I am writing today to tell you that whoever came up with the asinine name “morning sickness” is an evil, demented individual.

More like morning, noon, night, and twice on Sundays sickness!

I am about 12 weeks along at this point and I hate to say it…I am beginning to think things to myself such as these gems, “whose idea was this anyway?”‘ “How and why do people do this twice.” And “I hate this.”

I am currently NOT one of those moms who is all ooey gooey gushy about how wonderful pregnancy is.

YES, this pregnancy was wanted, planned, prayed for and begged for. YES, I though up to this point that it would be impossible and so I am grateful and ecstatic. But currently….I am looking at my past self saying “I can’t wait to be pregnant” and my current self is saying “BITE YOUR TONGUE WOMAN!”

Now, I am sure this will pass (I hope this will pass!!) but right now I am feeling akin to Kate Middleton.

You name it, I have it…
So tired I can’t get out of bed? Check.
So tired I need to take a nap after getting up to go to the bathroom? Check.
So nauseated I can’t eat? Check.
So thirsty I could drink a river dry? Check.
Back aches? Got ’em.
Headaches? Yep.
Leg aches? Double yes.
Everywhere else aches? Sure.
Setting the world record for most times waking up in the middle of the night to pee? No doubt. (Last night…it was 7. SEVEN!)
And the vomiting……the never ending, constant, all day, every day vomiting….ugh.

Yes ladies, I concede this is no picnic. To all of you mamas to be out there who are living the pregnancy dream…well, I’ve got one this to say to you…but instead I will say “lucky you”, lol.

To all the mamas like me who are like me…riding through the trenches with first trimester sinister uterus syndrome…I salute you.

My new personal mantra…”It will get better”. Hang in there! Baby is worth every minute.

❤ ~Neo-Mama~ ❤

I Like the Way You Move…

If you don’t have OutKast in your head right now…I feel sorry for you.


So here it is, Moving Day!

It is FINALLY time to ditch Pennsylvania for good and move my patootie up to the great state of Massachusetts! It IS the spirit of America, after all.

Ace has been such a dear! He flew in last night, rented the truck and then commenced to help me pack all of the rest of my belongings that I, of course, procrastinated on until the last possible second.

After a night of no sleep, we were up bright and early to start loading trucks and moving furniture to either our temporary storage unit (did I fail to mention we were moving me from my HOUSE in PA, all the way to Ace’s one bedroom apartment, already completely full of all of his belongings, in MA?), or leaving it on the truck to be toted to the new place that we will call home. BUT FIRST!


We decided to visit that good old fashioned western PA breakfast staple, Eat N Park. Now, under normal circumstances, I would have rejoiced at this, due in part because their food is SO yummy, and due in complimenting part because they have a very extensive gluten free menu (I forget…did I mention I have Celiac? Fun stuff). These were not normal circumstances.

As you recall from my previous posts, i am now “with child”, and things have been PRETTY chill. As with most thing in life, however, Timing is everything. Timing could not have sucked more. I was exactly, on the dot, to the letter 8 weeks preggo at this point and let me tell you…my body chose THIS day to begin expressing its “love” for the pregnancy by making me extremely nauseated. Needless to say, that egg platter I got…not such a great idea. About 20 minutes later, I revisited ALL OF IT.

These sorts of festivities continued throughout the entire day, including but not limited to

1. After Lunch

2. While loading my clothing boxes

3. While driving to the storage unit

4. At the storage unit

and last but not least

5. While driving to Massachusetts…twice.

Other joys of the trip:

We, of course, had to transport our kitty, “Bug” with us in the car, which I drove in, alone, because poor Ace was driving our ginormous truck. Kitty was totally fine, until we reached the halfway point, at which we stopped to stay overnight in a hotel. Bug did NOT like the hotel. Not even a little bit. He meowed ALL night, literally. We got not one hour of sleep, and then it was wakey wakey time and back on the road for another 5 hours, during which time, Bug continued to meow, THE ENTIRE TIME.

All things told…we made it! One piece, safe and sound. We unloaded all of our belongings, somehow fit them all into the apartment, and we are now happily co-habitating in Massachusetts. Now…to start looking for a house!



❤ ~Neo-Mama~ ❤

Oh Baby…

So, remember a few weeks ago when I posted about our weirdo trip to Gettysburg where I was acting all wack-a-doodle-doo?

Guess what….it WAS something. A very important, amazing and wonderful something…


That’s right! Ace and I are expecting!

This topsy-turvy, love-filled, head over feet journey us two crazy kids are taking together has been one wild ride, and it’s only getting better!

The Monday after I returned from Gettysburg, I just knew in my gut something was up. Something was different. This wasn’t just your run of the mill PMS. This was like, Battle Royale, Annie Get Your Gun kind of PMS. I had bad PMS before, but NEVER like this. So, since we had decided to “not prevent” things, I did the logical thing and went to the drugstore to pick up a test. Now, knowing full well that both of us were “impaired” in this area, and we hadn’t been at it that long, I had fully accepted and acknowledged that the test would be negative and didn’t give it another thought, having only done it so when the good doctor asked whether I was pregnant, I could give a definitive and resounding “NO”.

7:00 AM – Getting ready for work, I opened the box. read directions. Pee on stick. Place on windowsill. Wait.

7:03 – brushing hair, doing make-up, running around looking for an outfit, completely forgot about aforementioned stick.

7:25 – Run in to bathroom to quickly grab ponytail holder and remember stick.

7:26 – Look at stick.

7:27 – Still looking at stick.

7:28 – Still looking at stick, wondering if I was seeing it correctly.

7:29 – Grabbing box and holding it up to stick to make sure I was reading it correctly. Squinting. Unsquinting. Moving stick closer to face, then father from face.

7:30 – Still staring at stick, mouth gaping open a little, possibly drooling on myself.

7:31 – Sitting down on floor, heart pounding in chest, mouth starting to curl into smile.

7:32 – Tears of happiness rolling down cheeks.

7:33 – Acknowledgement that what i was seeing was real.

7:34 – Acceptance that what I was seeing was real.

7:35 – Hands shaking…picking up phone. Texting Ace: “Call me…NOW”

7:36 – Ace calls. I say “Congratulations…”. He says, “Why, what do you mean?”

7:37 – I say “You are a daddy”. Tears of joy. Lots of “Oh my God, I love you”.

7:38 – Life is changed forever….


Here’s to new life, and the adventure about to begin.

❤ ~Neo-Mama~ ❤